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Apple Varieties Available at Welsh Heritage Farms

State Fair- Early, crisp-tart apple that works for baking and eating. Tends to soften after a couple of days of the tree and will also cook up in a pie. (Completed)


Whitney Crab - Used for fresh eating, canning, and pickling, this sweet crab apple is a great pollinator in the orchard and kids love eating it because it's their size.(Completed)


 Beacon - Beacon is a softer sweet apple that is great for baking. makes a very nice flavored early season pie and although it is softer to eat, it actually holds its shape in pie quite well.(Completed)


Paula Red- This is a crisp tart apple in the early season and will soften and beocome sweet as the season goes on. Great flavor for eating right off the tree and cooks up wonderfully for amazing apple sauce.  (Completed)


 Esteval/La Crescent - Great eating apple and makes a wonderful pie. La Crescent is availabe towards the end of August and has the sweet full flavored taste of Firesid with more of the crisp juicy nature of an apple like Honey Crisp.



ZESTAR - This decendent of Honey Crisp is a newer variety and  has a sweet/tart zesty nature to the apple. Crisp apple off the tree and considered the best flavored of the early season apples.


1st Kiss - Crisp apple with a stagering ruby red to purple color. So much flavor it will have you coming back for more. It's one of our earliest varieties and the newest addition to Minnesota apple varieties, so it's a must try.



SWEETANGO - One of the newer MN apple varieties, SWEETANGO has the great pedigree of Honey Crisp like ZESTAR, but tends to be crisper and sweeter than both ZESTAR and Honey Crisp. Quickly catching up to Honey Crisp in popularity, this University of Minnesota product has taken the apple industry by storm. (Completed)


Red Baron- Decedent of wealthy, this is a good Apple for eating off the tree and a great baking apple. (Completed)


Chestnut Crab - Crunchy, sweet, and a bold flavor. Kids just love this apple because it's just their size, and great for adult pallets cause it's oh so good.  (Completed)


Sweet 16-Crisp and super sweet, this apple is great for eating and has a hidden flavor that you won't find in other apple varities. (Available)


Honey Crisp- Crisp, juicy, sweet and Minnesota's most popular apple. Need I say more. (Available)


Cortland- Just a great all around apple. Crisp off the tree, with a sweet/tart nature to it. There is great reason that this apple has stood the test of time. Good for eating, cider, baking, and makes a wicked salad as it stays white longer than any other variety. (Available)


McIntosh -  Another old standard, McIntosh is s bit tarter in nature and like Cortland makes great cider and is a great baker.  (Available)


Haralson- Personally my favorite Minnesota apple variety. Firm, crisp and tends a little tarter than sweet. A phenomenal apple for baking and cider. This is one of Minnesota's hardiest apple varieties and tends to have great production on the trees year in and year out.  (Available)


Regent - This is an outstanding eating apple. A decendent of Haralson and Red Delicious, this apple has all the good looks of Red Delicious, with the great texture and flavor(although sweeter) of Haralson. (Available)


Honeygold -  If you like sweet, juicy, crispy and delicious, look no further. Honey is the perfect word to describe this apples as the sweetness just flows from its cells. Farmer Larry's Favorite. (Still to come)


Fireside - Fireside was Honeycrisp before Honeycrisp was Honeycrisp. You won't find many apples as full flavored as Fireside. For me it tends to be sweeter than I want to bake with, but some folks swear by it. Hard in texture and holds up well after the New Year.(Still to come)

PAZAZZ-  Pazazz is an apple variety like no other. It’s a descendent of the beloved Honeycrisp but has a unique look and taste all its own. With every bite you’ll enjoy a burst of sweet yet tart flavor – plus Pazazz’s famous crunch. Whether you’re eating a Pazazz as a fresh snack or trying one of our special recipes, “Wow Right Now” is just a bite away.(Available)

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